A Nugget of Wisdom

Thanks to Bob at work for pointing me in this direction. From Pat Buchanan (Deep Throat?):

Well, I think it’s something the British might say when they were driven out of Palestine, the French might say when they were driven out of Algeria. Quite simply, in this modern world, if you try to rule other peoples, even to alter them, make them democratic or force them to change their ways to conform to your own, you’re going to have a serious problem with those people. They’re going to fight, just like the American revolutionaries fought against the British Empire. We ought to know that. We were the first – we were the first people to rise up against an empire.

A lot of conservative and Republican pundits like to attack France and Germany for refusing to support our War in Iraq. These pundits whine about dead US servicemen in the Second World War, as if their understanding of the word ‘ally’ is “one who obediently follows without question.”

Has it occured to any of these pundits that the reason France and Germany didn’t support the War in Iraq was because they were both former colonial powers who learned the hard way that “Gosh, imperialism really doesn’t work.”