Bricks on the Brain

Anyway … that Lego space ship o’ mine I was talking about earlier? Well, I ripped it apart and rebuilt it … several times. I was having some “brick” block, resolved by watching “Das Boot” and looking up a cutaway of the USS Torsk. In the process of rebuilding, I ripped out many of the features – from aft to fore, the layout is now aft torpedo/mechanical room/engineering/crew bunks & mess/sonar/control/officers’ bunks and mess/fore torpedo.

Well, but I decided it was missing something, so I started construction of another hull – not quite as long, certainly not as wide. My original intent was to make it a crawl-space sized area with room for cargo, and maybe a brig, but I did some expansions to it – now it’ll have room for a cargo bay, a medical bay, and expanded crew bunks and mess. Once I’ve finished with the lower hull, I’ll rebuild the primary hull on top.

Oh, but for the bricks on the brain …