Bush's Service, Part Deux

Another bit I missed, and more bad news for George Dubya.

“I’m not particularly proud of what I did,” said Mr. Barnes, who in the 1960’s was speaker of the Texas House at 26 and lieutenant governor at 30. “While I understand why parents wanted to shield their sons from danger, I abused my position of power by helping only those who knew me or had access to me.”

So what do we have? A President who did everything he could to avoid going to Vietnam, and then didn’t complete his service. We have a President who has supported a nasty, false slime against not only Kerry, but in the past against other Vietnam vets like John McCain. And will he pay a price for this? Of course not. The wingnuts will scream about the “war on terror” and scared people will vote for George W. Bush on the only issue in which the president is moderately successful.