Maddox, part deux

Ok, back to the topic we were just on. The organizer of “Mothers Against Maddox”, Beth Robbins, can be reached at This is the e-mail I just sent her:

You saw the subject line. I love the United States of America, and I love the Bill of Rights, and most importantly, I love the freedom that we Americans have to express ourselves, the freedom given to us by our Founding Fathers through the First Ammendment of our Constitution; a freedom defended by hundreds of thousands of American servicemen and women who have served, fought, and died for centuries in wars across the globe, so that we may enjoy the freedoms which, as so tritely put by so many, “are not free”. To come to your website and see you lie so blatantly about your appreciation for the First Ammendment, while at the same time trying to destroy Maddox’s right to practice his freedom of speech, filled me with such a burning rage at the “pleasure police” who attempt to make the world safe for all of us. Look at your web browser – see the “X” in the top right corner? If you don’t like Maddox’s website, click that “X.” Don’t go there. But don’t tell the rest of us where we can’t go, it really smacks of facism.

I was thinking about signing the petition with a shorter version of this, but decided against it.