So the younger cat – Tippy – has been howling all night. She’s five, the older cat, Guy, is (I’m guesstimating) seven. I’ve had them both about five years. Tippy was like six weeks old when I got her (six or sixteen, I forget, she was so tiny she could curl up in my hand and go to sleep). Anyway, this whole night she’s been walking into my den, sitting at my feet, looking up at me, and going “Meeee-ow!”

Usually, she does this when I’ve failed to meet one of her many needs. So I checked the kitchen: plenty of food, and water. Then I checked the bathroom – nope, litter box was clean.

So I have no idea what she wants, and here she comes again …

0 thoughts on “Meeeeeeeee-OW!

  1. Our two do this all the time. Although Dizzy can only squeak (something wrong with her voicebox, we suspect she was the runt of the litter) and is harder to appease. With Frazzle it’s easy, he’s always hungry.

  2. Like Guy, the older cat, who will never speak unless you pick him up, and then it’s a “Hey, cradle me so that my ass isn’t in free-fall” kind of squeak.