Progressive Politics & The War on Terror

“I don’t want to create a society where all succeed equally, but an opportunity society where all have an equal chance to succeed no matter what their background, class or race” – Tony Blair

Last night when I returned from work (and flooding made the job a living hell), I set to work cleaning my apartment – well, the living/dining room, actually. I also rearranged the couch, love-seats, and entertainment center. I flipped on the TV as I worked, and wound up watching Tony Blair’s speech from earlier in the day rerun on C-SPAN.

What I found most interesting in his speech was when he said that it would be progressive – not conservative – ideologies which would win to victory in the war on terror. I’ve tried to find a transcript of the speech, but I haven’t been able to!, but what he said was along the lines of, “Progressives know that to defeat terrorism it isn’t enough to kill the terrorists, you have to go in and change the conditions which give rise to terrorism.”

Excellent, Prime Minister! Someone who gets that killing terrorists is all well and good, but is only part of the solution, not the solution in and of itself.

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