Pull Out & Run for the Hills

Robert Novak predicts Bush (and Kerry) will jump and run from Iraq in the next year.

Well-placed sources in the administration are confident Bush’s decision will be to get out. They believe that is the recommendation of his national security team and would be the recommendation of second-term officials. An informed guess might have Condoleezza Rice as secretary of state, Paul Wolfowitz as defense secretary and Stephen Hadley as national security adviser. According to my sources, all would opt for a withdrawal.

I don’t believe that this should be an option. As Andrew Sullivan put it so well, “[W]hen you invade a country, depose its dictator, disband its army and take responsibility for its security, you are responsible for its security … We either have to ramp up our forces, retake Fallujah and Ramadi, redouble our faltering efforts to rebuild the Iraqi army – or we have to withdraw and leave chaos and a new terror-state behind.”

Well, just more proof that George W. Bush was a horrible president to begin with, and that his leadership as our “war president” hasn’t been much better.

0 thoughts on “Pull Out & Run for the Hills

  1. What proof does this give us that George Bush is a bad president. Everything YOU relayed to us was speculative nonsense which was further relayed from “Well-placed sources in the administration”. I hear this rhetoric day in and day out coming from the media, and frankly I think that this kind of presumptive garbage doesn’t merit the time of day. “Well-placed sources” usually means the undersecratary of a secretary who heard some silly rumor, while taking a break in the lavatory, coming from the direction of the urinals, at a federal facility nowhere near the oval office.
    Hind sight being what it is these days, (a tool by which liberals can turn back time to change their opinions), I would say that everyone would agree that the war in Iraq wasn’t the best thing to undertake. But look at the facts. John Kerry, a member of the intelligence commitee voted for action against Iraq. And he did so after receiving the same briefs that the president did, from members of our intelligence organizations. He did not, as he and other politcally motivated liars would tell you, base his decision soley on the president and Colin Powell’s words…which they got from other sources to begin with, but got briefed like the rest of congress did, directly from the CIA.
    And now the man who says that our troops don’t have the tools to get the job done in Iraq, i.e. John Kerry, seems to forget that he was one of a handful of congressmen that voted against funding those very same troops in Iraq. If his had been the majority voice in that vote, how badly would our already underequiped soldiers have it now.
    I personally have close friends who have lost children to the war in Iraq, and they think that it is a slap in the face to thier dead sons that John Kerry wants us out of Iraq without finishing the job. If that happens than the over 1000 who have given their lives in the service of this great nation will have died for nothing. That doesn’t sound like supporting the troops to me. The military is not a haven for those who need college money, that is part of the thanks that our country emparts upon our military men and women for their service to this nation, both in a time of peace as in a time of war. Human loss is always a tragedy, and believe me, the president has shed tears for those lost in Iraq, with the families. I have seen the personal pictures…not some press job to make him look sympathetic…and he feels the loss every day.