Right-Wing Idiocy

Over at Piquant rants & sassy impudence, Rachel writes:

“The Kerry “girls” get booed at the MTV awards last night. I bet it sucks to spend months forgetting that at least half the country thinks your dad’s a dillwad, and to be forced to remember that on live television in a humiliating and embarrassing manner. Ha, ha, ha. Welcome back to reality.”

I wonder what she would say if those giggling spoiled brats of George W. Bush got booed at a public event. Probably something about mean spirited people are, and how they shouldn’t take out their political leanings on the innocent daughters of the incumbant.

I think Rachel is just jealous that the Kerry daughters are hotter (and, uh, smarter) than the Bush daughters.

Oh, since inbedded HTML *still* isn’t working (Tim?), here’s a link to Rachel’s site: http://www.rachellucas.com/. Notice that she turned off her comments.