So, anyway, … BRICKS!

I mentioned earlier that I like LEGO. I do. It’s the fault of that damn Toys “R” Us commercial – I never grew up! I have *thousands* of Lego pieces – they overflow five of those huge 18 gal bins, and I have an 8-foot folding table set up with stacks of containers from a failed attempt to organize my collection.

If you’re a fan of Lego, there are quite a few websites to peruse. Lugnet, where AFOLs show off their creations; Brickshelf where anyone can upload pictures of what they’ve made; and Bricklink, where you can buy Lego in BULK!

For a long time I’ve wanted to construct a big starship made of Lego. Well, I finally got off my ass and started building. In large part, I was inspired by this, a WW-II submarine. But, see, aren’t starships essentially subs in space?

So, a few hours work last weekend resulted in a fairly decent hull for a “sub in space.” But it was WAAAAY too small, and I found some huge 8 peg by 16 peg dark gray bricks, so I destroyed the first one I’d made and rebuilt another. Yet again, I determined it was too small, so again I caused great destruction (while watching the only submarine movie in my DVD collection, Hunt for Red October as I did so), and once again rebuilt.

Finally! Not too long, not too short. Not quite as wide as I might have liked it, but I’ll be dammed if I’m ripping this thing apart again. Right now, this creation – which in honor of Hornblower shall be named “Indefatigable” – is over 150 pegs long, and currently has a maximum width of 12 pegs. This little obsession of mine features crew-bunks, a medical bay, fore- and aft- torpedo launchers, engineering compartment, a control room, and a cargo bay with working airlock. I’m quite happy with the details, and I’m going to build some “hinge doors” into the hull so that a person can take a look into the toy – er, I mean, model.

I already have plans in my head for bigger, more awesome creations. Maybe a nice big Hogwarts Castle …

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  1. Hey be sure to have the http:// in ur URL links… otherwise they won’t work.. like ur bricklink link

  2. ‘pegs’… no, no. ‘Studs’ more likely. Although, being heterosexual yourself, I understand you don’t like ‘studs’ :P

    That airport from 1994 will be re-released as a Lego Legend. $70 SRP. Go for it: loads of pieces to use.