Star Wars: The Special Special DVD Edition

Star Wars finally came out on DVD yesterday. FINALLY! Best Buy in White Marsh and 98-Rock hosted one of those “Open at 12:01 so you folks can get it THAT early, because really, you’ve waited seven years for these movies to get to DVD, who can’t wait another ten friggin’ hours?”

Well, I’m usually up fairly late, and I figured that most people wouldn’t go because they’d have to be at work in the morning. Boy was I wrong. I pulled into the parking lot at fifteen after midnight, and there was a line out the door and around the building. I said “no thanks” and made a hasty retreat, opting to purchase it in the morning – well, er, later in the morning, anyway.

So about 10:20, I rolled into the Best Buy in Lutherville (much closer to where I live), bought the set, and went to work. When I finally got home for the night (a little after 10pm), I threw “Star Wars: A New Hope” into the player and watched it. Oh, the chills! The excitement! The geekfest that my apartment has become!

(No, really, geekfest, you have no idea, it is SCARY)

So, anyway, I watched “Star Wars” and “Empire Strikes Back.” Now, Mr. “I can’t leave these films alone” Lucas did a little editing to all three films (covered earlier here), and the biggest change to “Empire” was in the scene where Vader and the Emperor communicate via a huge “look, my head is floating above you” hologram projector. In the original version of the film, Clive Revill played the Emperor. Now, Ian McDiarmid (who played the Emperor in “Return of the Jedi”, and the two prequel films), has been edited in to replace Clive. The dialogue between the two has also been changed. I’m okay with replacing Clive with Ian, but the new dialogue is just ATROCIOUS!

I’m not even bothering with spell check, I’m so irritated.