That whole Chechyan thing …

So here’s the problem. After the collapse of the USSR, Chechnya was retained as a satelite state by the new Russian government. This was not really something that Chechnya wanted, and has led to a conflict in the area. Russia sends troops in, Chechnyans are waiting with guns, people die.

Last year, Chechnyan extremists took hostages in a movie theater. Russian commandos stormed the place, killing most of (if not all) the extremists. A lot of innocent people got killed, but not as many if no action had been taken.

So now we come to the present. Right on the heels of two planes going down, Chechnyan extremists wind up storming a school and seizing hostages, the shit hits the fan, and a lot of people are dead – including children.

And Chechnyan independence died with them.

Russia will NEVER give Chechnya its independence, especially not now. To do so would be seen to be bowing to terror. At the same time, Chechnya isn’t willing to go quietly under Russian rule.

To borrow from Ron & Fez, “Blogger Pyschic”, a hell of a lot more people are going to die, and in the rather immediate future, I would gather.

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  1. That isn’t quite it. Chechnya was annexed by the Russians in 1859. (One wouldn’t want to make that Soviet Union mistake in reverse.) The Chechens more or less won their first war against post-Soviet Russia, signing a peace treaty and becoming essentially autonomous for a few years, until war number two. Regardless of where one stands on the morality of the respective combatants, Russia’s ability to hold on to Chechnya is far from assured.