The DEMOCRATS are full of angst?

Yesterday afternoon, while at work, I happened to tune in to Rush Limbaugh. Usually my afternoon radio choice is the afore-mentioned “Out to Lunch” (with Miles and Thrill), but I sometimes check the AM station to see if Ron Smith is on. I was treated to a sound clip of Ahnald at the Republican Convention talking about “girlie men” and his decision to become a Republican, after deciding that Humphrey was a socialist.

After the clips, Limbaugh started ranting about how angry and mean the Democrats have been in this election. Now, mind you, I’m not voting for Kerry (David Cobb has my vote), but I just laughed at Limbaugh’s idiocy. The DEMOCRATS are full of angst and anger? Hell, just watching the two conventions tell you which of the parties is pissed off.

The Democratic Convention speakers went out of their way to not bash the President – well, with the exception of some snide remarks by Sen. Kennedy and Bill Clinton – while the only purpose of the Republican Convention seems to be to attack Kerry.

Character assassination seems to be a tactic that Dubya uses well, and often. And it is too bad that our President and his party lash out with such fury while trying to hide themselves behind a cloak of patriotism and voters terrified of terrorism are scared into thinking John Kerry would be ineffective in the defense of our country. It’s too bad our president can’t run on the issues. He can have all the Zell Millers in the world, the negativity coming out of the Republican convention is a shame.

You were wrong, Rush, it is the Republicans who are angry and full of angst. And can you blame them? They’ve controlled two parts of the government for two years – they can’t blame stuff on the Democrats anymore, and they’ve really put our country in the toilet. They’re taking their anger out on Kerry and the Democrats because they’re not honest enough to be angry with themselves, or their president.