The Disintegration of the GOP Has Begun

(Washington) Washington, D.C. Councilman David Catania, once the GOP’s top fundraiser in the District, officially quit the Republican party Wednesday over its continuing attacks on gays.

The 36 year old joined the GOP when he was 16.

“For some time, the leadership of the Republican Party has been dominated – and I believe very adversely – by a single, narrow group of individuals, who show no interest or concern for issues that confront a diverse nation,” Catania said in his statement.

“The time has long since past for me to stop believing that by working within the Party, I can be an agent of change.

Empty words and rhetoric are all that are left of the once proud Republican Party and I am no longer willing to associate myself with it. I shall, therefore, continue my public service as an Independent.”

The Republican Party can continue to try to present itself as compassionate and fair-minded, but so long as they continue to preach hatred as a core Republican value, they will only lose those bright future stars who are essential to the Party’s future absent of its past stereotypes of rich, fat white guys.

Once upon a time, in 1984, David Catanina felt that the Republican Party was compassionate enough to accept a gay member. Twenty years later, the Party has moved not a step forward, but rather taken some incredible leaps backward.

The GOP is fracturing, and they have only themselves to blame.