The Elephant's Ass

When one understands that the two parties that vie for power and patronage differ only on the margins, that their goals are eerily similar, such a shift of loyalty can be seen for what it really is: confirmation that you the voter will not be allowed to vote on policies, only on personalities. Whichever candidate wins this year, it’s unlikely you’ll notice any significant change in your life, or in the way the rulers run their reluctant, some say incompetent, empire.

Ron Smith is a conservative radio talk-show host on WBAL in Baltimore. He’s a very honest, thoughtful individual – he’s for state’s rights and small government, and when a caller accused the Democrats of being socialist, Ron agreed, and went on to say (I paraphrase here): “And the Republicans are slightly less so.”

Whatever happened to pundits who didn’t toe the party line? Not your Rush Limbaugh or Michael Moore, or the thousands of people who go down the ballots voting not on the issues, but on a person’s party affiliation.

People aren’t always going to agree with Ron — he opposed the War in Iraq, for one — but the point of view of a non-partisan conservative is a fascinating and wonderful thing.