Viet Nam

Supporters of the Bush Campaign have long said that it was Kerry’s continued references to his Vietnam service which opened him to attack’s on “what he did in Vietnam.” But I think we all know that Kerry served honorably in Vietnam, and that hatred of him motivated by his 1971 testimony to Congress, fueled the attacks on his character – notably, the “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” and these shameful delegates at the RNC mocking soldiers who have been wounded in combat.

Supporters of the Bush Campaign have maintained that George W. Bush served his country honorably in the National Guard, and point to his honorable discharge to prove that. Well, if it is fair for Bush’s supporters to attack Kerry on his war record, certainly the reverse is true, isn’t it?

CBS News has released documents it recieved of Colonel Jerry Killian, Bush’s commander.

They are – to say the least – damning.

On August 1, 1972, Col. Killian grounded Lt. Bush for failure to perform to U.S. Air Force/Texas Air National Guard standards and for failure to take his annual physical as ordered.

A year after Lt. Bush’s suspension from flying, Killian was asked to write another assessment.

Killian’s memo, titled ‘CYA’ reads he is being pressured by higher-ups to give the young pilot a favorable yearly evaluation; to, in effect, sugarcoat his review. He refuses, saying, “I’m having trouble running interference and doing my job.”

The White House’s response? “It’s impossible to read the mind of a dead man.”

Sure it is. But you can read his memos, instead.