Warning for IE Users …

Do you use Internet Explorer?

A specially crafted JPEG image can now cause a buffer overflow, leading to arbritary code execution. In other words, an image can hijack your computer. This is basically a nightmare.

~95% of internet users use IE. All of them are therefore vulnerable to this issue. And this doesn’t even begin to touch all the programs that use the IE rendering engine…

IE has had an increasing history of critical issues, this being the latest and most absolutely insane. IE is a danger to the stability of the internet.

If you use IE by choice, then you are absolutely nuts. That’s the final word on the subject.

Now, of course, sometimes you have to use IE, either by work policy or by being unable to install an alternative browser. BFHD, so you now see a red splotch on the Flare frontpage. The world is not coming to an end.

You should raise the continued IE security issues, including the idiocy of the latest, with your IT department and encourage them to consider bailing. Chances are that they’re tied to a third party vendor that uses some IE-only idiocy in an application in use by your employer. That third party vendor must also be encouraged to open their application up to other browsers.

From Charles Capps, UBB visionary and general computer geek know-it-all. I’ve switched to Mozilla Firefox , and I love it so much more than IE. Download Mozilla here.