Zell Miller

Definition: Tool.

I think Andrew Sullivan says it best:

“That macho invocation of the Marines was a classic: the kind of militarist swagger that this convention endorses and uses as a bludgeon against its opponents. But the term “occupation,” of course, need not mean the opposite of liberation. I have used the term myself and I deeply believe that coalition troops have indeed liberated Afghanistan and Iraq. By claiming that the Democrats were the enemies of the troops, traitors, quislings and wimps, Miller did exactly what he had the audacity to claim the Democrats were doing: making national security a partisan matter. I’m not easy to offend, but this speech was gob-smackingly vile.”


PS – Hey, Tim, you’re going to need to show me how to do *real* quotes (y’know, all indented and fancy stuff) and imbedded links.

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