High School Memories

Just for random fun, I typed in the name of my high school into Google, and came up with this cool alumni website where people could post what they were up to. Anyway, a lot of the people I knew in high school have gone on to do cool things – lawyers, uh, lawyers …

Kind of made me feel sad that here I am delivering pizzas. Doh! Well, I’m writing too … I’m just not making ANY money writing. But it is fun, and I get to be all dour and grim and act British, so it might be worth it. Anyway, I decided to post an entry:

After two years at oh so lovely HCC, I moved to oh so not-a-bit-better Towson (“The Colony”) in 1999 and started my continuing quest for a degree (go a semester, take a year off, go a semester…) at Towson University … first for a history degree, now towards an English degree (I think I have like two classes to take before I can graduate, but I’m too lazy to verify that). I support myself as a freelance writer … but since that pays barely enough to support my cocaine and heroin habit, I supplement my income by working at a pizza shop and every now and then (like, when the rent-collector comes a knockin’) taking hostages for ransom.

I’ve also become very bitter and sarcastic in my old age.