SAVE Merriweather Post Pavilion


Merriweather Post Pavilion, designed by world-renown architect, Frank Gehry, opened in 1967 and was immediately heralded as an architectural success. Beyond simply being a marvelous structure placed in a beautiful natural setting, Merriweather was praised it’s sound quality as well. In its heyday, Merriweather played host to several dozen shows each year, with acts ranging from symphonies to ballets to plays to popular musicians. Though it recently fell on some hard times, with the annual number of shows decreasing and a lack of investment and upkeep in the site, Merriweather rebounded in 2004 with the help of IMP Productions, its current managers. IMP devoted considerable resources to improving the grounds, for which they have received unqualified praise, and the schedule this year was healthier than any in recent past. The Summer of 2004 showed doubters that Merriweather is still a viable concert venue and can certainly be successful and profitable.

I didn’t see many concerts at Merriweather – only one, I think: Counting Crows & Live. It was a great show. Atholton High School’s graduation ceremonies also used to be held at Merriweather. How many people get to recieve their diploma on the same stage that Jimmi Hendrix once performed on?

Columbia is over developed as it is. It doesn’t need another Bed Bath and Beyond. Keep the music, man.

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  1. Every high school in Howard County graduates at the pavilion. I just had mine yesterday (5/29, Wilde Lake)

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