So, The Other Day …

… I posted about the internal strife affecting the GOP.

Over at Right Thinking from the Left Coast, Lee today writes, “Does anyone else find this laughable? The Bush administration, and his allies in Congress, have increased federal spending and the size of government by something like 20%. I’ll say one thing for the Democrats, when they come up with a spending proposal they also come up with the tax increases necessary to fund it. The whole idea behind conservativism is that you cut taxes and you also cut spending at the same time. Bush passed massive tax cuts, which I supported and still support. He launched a war, which I supported and still support. But now he’s talking about a new round of tax cuts …
… I have a hell of a lot more respect for a tax-and-spend liberal than a spend-and-worry-about-paying-for-it-later Republican. Think about it, here we have the Republicans who are spending on credit criticizing the Democrats who want to spend while raising the money first. I never thought I’d hear these words come out of my mouth, but the Republicans are insane when it comes to their fiscal policy.
Any pretense of smaller government on the part of the GOP is officially over.”

And over at Impudence Mismatch, McRutter writes, “What were previously laughably extremist positions, such as withdrawing from the UN, withdrawing from mediating middle-east peace between Israelis and Palestinians, and “recreating the Arab world” through military means are now standard Republican doctrines. They can no longer claim to represent mainstream traditional conservatism.”

John Eisenhower, son of the former President, also broke with the Republican Party, as reported here. In a rare public announcement, Eisenhower said he switched his party affiliation from Republican to independent after 50 years after losing confidence in his former party. He said Kerry has demonstrated courage, competence and a concern for tackling the “widening socio-economic gap in this country.”

Four years ago, George W. Bush was the great hope of the Republican Party. And today, as convservatives abandon it, he has all but destroyed it. Regardless of who wins in less than a month, the Republican Party is at a crossroads about what they stand for – small government and fiscal responsibility? Not if they stick to this path.

George H.W. Bush would be so proud.