The GOP & The Democrats

So what is the legacy of the Bush administration? And how can the Democratic Party capitalize on it?

They’ve proven that Republicans aren’t for big government, and that they are for big spending. Hell, even many right-leaning conservatives are having trouble justifying this administration’s excesses. Lee from Right Thinking from the Left Coast usually refers to liberals as “asshats”, but found himself to the conclusion that “when [Democrats] come up with a spending proposal they also come up with the tax increases necessary to fund it.”

The problem is that the GOP has shot itself in the foot by giving Bush carte-blanche to do whatever the hell he wanted to. It used to be that Republicans could say “Well, we helped get rid of him!” regarding the charge that it was a Republican, Nixon, who tried to rig an election. Well, here, they do not have that defense – a large portion of the Republican Party has not only gone along with Bush’s spending and excesses, they’ve told those in opposition that they were unpatriotic, unAmerican, and even worse, French!

(Ok, kidding, I like the French, I do.)

It is time for the Democratic Party to take charge! To point out, “Hey, look, this guy is a nutter, and honestly, this is what you get for running someone for president because their only qualification is that their name is ‘George Bush.’ IDIOTS!”

It is time to WIN the battle in Iraq, to BALANCE the budget, and to truly reach across party lines and build a bi-partisan effort to fix the failures of the last four years. George W. Bush has tried to say that he was all for ending partisanship in Washington, but he hasn’t – he’s only made it worse.