Where You BEAN?

I had today and yesterday off from work. A “mini-vacation”, if you will, and the only one I’m going to get until my week off in November (heading to Connecticut for Thanksgiving). Yesterday I settled on the couch and watched Stephen King’s “Kingdom Hospital”. Today I had lunch with a professor and spent the rest of the day … not doing much else.

I had a lot of things I wanted to do this weekend – clean the apartment, rearrange the furniture in the bedroom, reorganize and clean the den. Well, I got the bedroom furniture rearranged: I also have a pile of magazines and books in the center of the room, and I only did half the laundry I was planning on doing.

So what is going on in the Blogosphere?

Andrew Sullivan is more than a little pissed by the so-called “firestorm” over Kerry’s remarks during the last debate. “Does anyone have a single leading Republican voice objecting to Republican Senate candidate Jim DeMint’s statement that gays should be barred from teaching in public schools? Has any leading conservative criticized the RNC flier claiming that a vote for Kerry would mean banning the Bible and forcing gay marriage on the entire country? Has any leading conservative columnist criticized some of the anti-marriage state amendments because of their vast scope and banning of any protections for gay couples? I noticed that Jay Nordlinger did object to Alan Keyes’ description of Mary Cheney as a selfish hedonist. But did Kristol? Or anyone else? The Cheneys ignored it. I’m just trying to be fair here. I’m relieved that Bill Kristol cares so deeply about not demonizing gays. I’d just like to hear of a single instance in which he has said such a thing before. That would get to the core of his sincerity, would it not? Or his sickeningly shameless opportunism.”

Over at Culture Shock (note the new URL, the one on the right still needs to be updated – Tim?), everyone’s favorite Blonde Librarian talks about the use of the word ‘must’ and how the German language forces her to use it more. Damn the German language! No, kidding, but a very insightful look at some of the unintended consequences of living in a foreign country. Foreign countries are bad – we should invade and make them America! Hooray! On a bright side – people get to drink beer for breakfast in Germany? Or is that all of Europe in general? Hell, who cares – let’s move to Deutschland!

Laura from 11-D complains that she’s a magnet for crazy people. Well, duh, she’s on my blogroll, isn’t she?

Jon Lieberman was just on CNN. Apparently he had some balls, and some ethics, and is no longer working for Sinclair Broadcasting. Their loss.

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