Alabama likes Jim Crow

From USA Today comes this not-so-wonderful story about why half of Alabama’s voting population needs to get smacked by the other half of its voting population:

Election officials began a statewide recount Monday after a measure to remove segregation-era language from the Alabama Constitution was apparently rejected narrowly by the voters Nov. 2.

The proposed amendment would delete unenforced sections of the constitution that mandate racially segregated schools and allow poll taxes, once used to discourage blacks from voting.

The amendment failed by 1,850 votes out of 1.38 million cast — a margin of 0.13%. State law calls for a recount when a ballot measure fails by less than one-half of a percentage point.

Charles Steele Jr., president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, said the recount will only increase damage to a state still struggling with its image as a civil rights battleground.

“The perception that is going out after that vote is setting us back 40 or 50 years,” said Steele, a former state senator from Tuscaloosa.

Yeah, no kidding Charles. And why do you think that is? I tell you what, though, I’m glad I live in Maryland, not a perfect state by any means, but at this point, even I think Mississippi would be a better place to live than “Hi, we’re still in the 1950’s Alabama.”

Siding with the people who voted in favor of Jim Crow was everyone’s favorite nutter Alabama judge, Roy Moore (you know him – he’s the guy that installed a statue of the Ten Commandments in front of his court house) who agreed with those who “feared the possibility of a constitutionally guaranteed public education would prompt judges to mandate increased spending for schools.”


I’m getting like an “apples and oranges” vibe here. Or a “three plus seven equals twelve.” If they’re so worried about educationally funding (and playing into a stereotype here of Alabama, but that’s okay, because by failing to eliminate this language, they’re playing into it too), why don’t they just stop funding schools all together? I mean, can anyone tell the difference between an educated Alabamian and a non?

Yes, I’m sorry, this was cruel to the Alabamians who voted against Jim Crow. You guys are okay in our book, even your Republican Governor.

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  1. I wouldn’t be so sure about that… I don’t know how much of the rest of the country remembers, but just a few years back (2001!) Mississippi voted against removing the Confederate emblem from their state flag!

    In addition to that, when I lived in Mississippi, I crossed the state line into Alabama for certain services (i.e., birth control) because they were “more liberal!”