Blacklisting Blows

Via The Hill comes this story, sure to warm our hearts:

Scores of soon-to-be-unemployed Democrats fear that their party’s electoral defeat could hinder their ability to find work on K Street, a traditional safe haven and source of employment for Capitol Hill staff.

At a time when many Democrats are anxious about their ability to earn a living, some even fear that a conspiracy to blacklist aides to certain Democrats, such as Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-S.D.), could be afoot…

… Several Democratic aides said that a midsize Washington lobbying firm, the Alpine Group, declined last week to hire a Daschle staffer with whom the group had been in long-standing discussions about a possible job. They said the Daschle aide, who The Hill agreed not to name, believed he would get the job based on conversations with the firm about three months before the election…

…Referring to the glut of Democratic staff, Means said, “That’s a lot of people to absorb in a much smaller market. I would find it doubtful there’s enough lobbying shops to absorb them.” Means said the current situation is “not the brightest of outlooks for a Democratic staffer, without question.”

One Republican association head, referring to Daschle’s staff, said, “They are no doubt honest, skilled and capable people, and they will eat.” But the source said Democratic staffers were not as valuable as they would have been had Kerry won the presidential election.

Man this ticks me off. A good friend of mine, Lisa (for whom I cleaned my apartment), just returned to the area after working on the campaign of Jon Jennings out in Indiana. I don’t quite know what she did (even though she explained it to me just under fifty-million times), but it looks like she’s going to have a hard time finding a job with this “glut.” And, y’know, the glut is understandable — okay, lots of Democrats are out of office now. I just really hope that certain individuals on the right aren’t actually blacklisting these good people because they worked for Daschle or other Democrats.

Because if they are … oh, oh, oh … let’s always remember the tables turn. There will be a day (I predict the first Tuesday of ’06) where a lot of Republicans who are now cheering at this blackballing of Democrats, will suddenly pause, look at each other, and say, “Oh shit!”

Well, no, they won’t, because let’s face it: we, here on the left, are a bunch of fucking pussies*. They kick our ass so hard and yet when we’re in a position to return the favor, we being talking about bi-partisanship, and hold the door open for them as they prepare to stab us in the back.