Buying a Camera

Okay to my resident “Digi-Cam” know-it-alls …

I’m looking to get a digital camera in December. Actually, my mom told me she & dad were going to get me one. The problem is, as she understands it, its important to know what kind of computer a person has to get it. Well, I don’t really see why that would be the case, but really the only thing that I know about digicams is that you should get one with optical scan and not digital scan.

So, please, I’m looking for a digicam in the under $200 price range. All comments & know-it-all knowings welcome.


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  1. OK, for under $200 you aren’t going to get a high end camera obviously, but you can get a decent one for posting pics, printing images etc..

    Canon has a pretty good line of digi cameras. The Canon Powershot A75 is a medium range camera with 3.2 megepixels. That will allow you to print about a 8×10 image and will allow you to take pics in max res of 2048 x 1536 pixels. It only has an internal memory card of of 64megs or so, so you may want to upgrade that later.

    Here’s a link:

    My brother just bought an Kodak EasyShare in a higher end model and he really likes it. You can get a lower end model for about $200. It’s higher quality pics than the Canon, 4 megapixels and like it’s namesake promises, is very easy for users to transfer photos and print.

    I’ve used various models of the Nikon Coolpix and they’re very easy to use and are very compact. This model is only 3.2mp’s but should yield the same results as the Canon. Personally, I am a Nikon snob although my digicam is an HP. My film camera is a Nikon and I have to say, they’re heads and shoulders above the industry.

    So, here’s some suggestions. I’d stick with either Nikon, Canon, or Kodak if I were you. What are you going to mainly take pics for: the web or for printing?


  2. For the web, Rachel. Here’s a question: if I get a camera, how do I get the photos from the camera to the computer. Does it come with a ubb cable?