Emergency cleaning!

After spending five or six months in Indiana District 08 campaining for John Jennings (who lost), my friend Lisa has returned to Maryland. Tomorrow we’re hanging out for the first time since early June (the last time I saw her, we were watching Reagan’s casket being transported through DC).

Anyway – plan is for lunch (probably at Bateman’s in Towson), then back to my place for some movies – “Hunting the President”, no doubt. Maybe something cheerful and uplifting. When I spoke to her November 2nd, she told me the results were very close, and she was on her way to what she hoped would be the victory celebration. The next morning, well, she sounded really drunk.

I’ve known her since the 7th grade, when my parents moved to Columbia and I began attending Wilde Lake Middle School – this was WAAAY back in ’91? Yeah, must’ve been. Man, I’m old.

Anyway – my apartment is a WRECK. I managed to get the bathroom, the kitchen, and the den cleaned up. The living/dining room is mostly ready – fifteen more minutes and I’ll have that out of the way. The bedroom (really, the storage room w/ a bed in the corner), is a TOTAL wreck. Clothes all over the place, boxes all over the place … a year and a half, you’d think I’d’ve finished moving in by now …

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