Free Speech Rant

I had this big long post in my head about censorship regarding this “Desperate Housewives” thing on Monday Night Football. It was all about how censorship is bad, and it isn’t the FCC’s job to dictate programming, and how if people are so upset about what’s on TV and what their children are being exposed to, well, dammit, throw out your TV! Stop running to the damn FCC! Oh, no, people said “fuck” in ‘Saving Private Ryan.’ Have you SEEN that movie? With people getting machine-gunned, and running around with no arms, and getting burned to death as others shout, “don’t shoot them, let them burn! Let the motherfuckers burn!” And people are worried about the language of the film? Priorities, people, combat isn’t like what we see in “GI JOE”, and knowing is NOT half the battle.

There’s this “erectile disfunction” pill commerical floating around. An attractive brunette in her 40’s talks about why “her man” takes the pill. She doesn’t come right out and say, “He takes the pill so he can fuck my brains out twice a night”, but the innuendo is pretty damn clear. And she’s there grinning and smiling, and the message is, “My man’s taking a pill, and I’m getting laid, and these are some damn good orgasms.”

Do the networks get fined for these commericals? Oh, pardon the thought! Of course they don’t. But a white woman seducing a black man? Oh, how DARE they? ESPECIALLY before football, which is hardly a non-violent sport. Jeff Jarvis writes (in a very well put together rant, certainly better than what you’re reading right now), “We’re at risk of outlawing a sense of humor in this country just to satisfy a tiny band of prudes, prigs, and religious nutjobs.”

Seriously, though, for a guy who used to write for TV Guide, Jarvis there (looking very skinny on Aaron Brown) is the blog to look to for censorship issues. Great rants, insightful posts.