Goodbye! Farewell! I'm off to somewhere Else!

Alright – well, I’m just about out of here. I’ve got to get showered, brush my teeth, and get dressed, because, really, who wants to drive up the New Jersey Turnpike naked?

This will be my last blog post – ever. “Ever”, of course, being Friday.

So, now I’m going to turn off my computer, do all that stuff I said above, plus go to Circuit City and buy “Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban” and then find a gas tank and fill my car up. Nevermind that I’ve only put 40 miles on it since I last filled up, it is just something I’ve *GOT* to do.

So, wish me luck on my trip, it is a cloudy, overcast day, but I’m hopeful that [breaks into song] “The sun will come out tomorrow” [breaks out of song] or even better, later today.

Adios. Fare thee well. Al-veda-zain*.

Happy Toikey Day, everybody!

* Yes, I know I spelled that wrong! Renee, if you’re reading this, feel free to correct my Deutsch.

0 thoughts on “Goodbye! Farewell! I'm off to somewhere Else!

  1. Ha! You are asking me, who can’t even spell in my native language how to spell THAT? I had to look it up in my dictionary! ha ha Anyway, it is: “auf Wiedersehen”

    Happy Turkey Day, Mr. Snay! :)