How is the bullets learning?

Remember when Maryland declared war on New Joisey?

The strafing of a school by a National Guard F-16 fighter jet has divided residents of the fast-growing region around the Warren Grove Gunnery Range. Some fear for their safety, while others consider it profoundly unpatriotic to question the military during a time of war.

Let me just say, that when the military staffs a school in America, gosh, it probably isn’t too unpatriotic to say “HEY! You’re not supposed to shoot the fuckin’ SCHOOL asshole!”

Money Quote: “That guy (the pilot) probably feels so bad about this. He’s probably going to get sent overseas and he might not even come back. As long as no one got hurt, this whole thing should just be forgotten.”

But what if someone HAD gotten hurt, eh, Mr. Ex-Special Forces? Hell, you’d probably say the same thing.

Lisamarie Saccomagno’s daughter attends the school.

“Because we’re at war now, I’m very sensitive to all the military’s burdens,” she said. “We all want to be safe and secure. But we’re also concerned about our children. I’m afraid something’s going to go wrong. We really need to know where those bullets are going.”

Gosh, don’t tell that to Terry Hickman! He’ll tell you, “That guy (the pilot) probably feels so bad about this.” Because, we all know, when bullets wind up in children’s desks, that’s the thing to tell parents to calm them down!

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