Jeff B. and anti-semetic remarks

I recently read on Talking Points Memo, where a Republican named “Jeff B.” accused Joshua Mica Marshall of being anti-semetic. His logic? So then the question, is are you a friend of Israel if you are, as a Democrat, a supporter of the U.N. which supports the sworn enemies of israel ? ? Are you an anti-semite ? ? The Eugenics movement was the parent of both the “Holocaust” and the American Pro-choice movement. If it walks like a duck, has webbed feet and quacks like a duck, quess what, it’s a ducks!!

On one hand, I feel obliged to point out that the phrase is “if it quaks like a duck, it is a duck” (not ducks). However, being a “Jeff B” myself, I felt the need to defend myself. Here was the letter I sent to JMM:


I read your blog occasionaly, and saw today where a “Jeff B.” accused you of being anti-semetic via your support of John Kerry. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I – also, a Jeff B.* – has seen no reason in your blog to lead me to the conclusion that you’re an anti-semite (except for that time where you said you had a shrine to Hitler and wanted to shoot every damn dirty Jew in the back of the head**).

So, anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. Hard to believe election day is tomorrow – has four years gone so quickly? Well, yes, I suppose it has. Anyway, have a good day, and don’t forget to vote! As for me, I’m voting here in Maryland, then flying down to Florida and voting. Also, my dead grandfather is voting too.

A bit heavy on the sarcasm? I’ve been spring-cleaning all day. The fumes are affecting my brain. I’m still voting for Kerry or Badnarik or Nader or Cobb tomorrow. Decisions, decisions!


-Jeff Benson

* The “B” standing for Benson. Although I guess you’d probably figure that from either the e-mail address, or from the signature.

** Kidding. But I think you have a sense of humor and already got that I was kidding. But I just wanted to be sure. Y’know, sensitive issue n’ all.