As you probably know by now, I drove to Connecticut last Tuesday for Thanksgiving. I left early Friday morning. What this means is that for three nights, I was forced – forced, I say – to watch Jeopardy with my grandmother, who is addicted to that show. She’d walk into the living room, turn on the tv, bitch about how my aunt & uncle need to get a remote for it, and then start talking about Ken Jennings in the tone of voice she usually reserves for the Pope.

“I heard he loses,” Aunt Anne said on one of those nights as we all sat around the tv. I’d heard the same thing, over at Ain’t-it-cool-news, but just because I heard it didn’t make it true. And watching Jeopardy Tuesday night, Wednesday night, and Thursday night … well, he didn’t lose.

But he did lose tonight, apparently.

Ahead by $4,400 going into “Final Jeopardy,” Final Jeopardy!, Jennings stumbled on this Business and Industry clue: Most of this firm’s 70,000 seasonal white-collar employees work only four months a year.* Jennings wrongly answered, “What is FedEx?” Real estate agent Nancy Zerg of Ventura, Calif., responded, “What is H&R Block?” making her the new champ — and a likely future Jeopardy! answer. (She finished with $14,401; Jennings fell to $8,799.)

Anyway, good to see Jeopardy got a much needed boost off Kenny. Hope Gramma is okay, but I’m sure Devil Cat is keeping her company.

*I mean, from my own experiences with FedEx, I don’t think their employees work at all, and I’ve since made a vow that if an item I’m bidding on over eBay has “FedEx” listing as how that item will be shipped, I won’t bid on it. Lost lots of stuff that way.