No Dance of Joyfulness

With all the spammers out, I’ve asked my web-guru, Tim, to implement a “comments delayed” feature. I’m not entirely sure when that will be brought on-line, but I’m very angered by the way these scum-sucking peddlers, who have consistently attacked our phones and our e-mail, have now spread their filth to the blogosphere. It’s very dissapointing, and one wonders, what do they intend to accomplish? The fucker who has been spamming here keeps doing so in month old posts, and I don’t think I’m interesting enough for anyone to read my archives.

I really love getting comments. If you’re a blogger, I’m sure you can remember to the time when you were first starting out, and someone left you a comment – especially when it was someone you didn’t know, and hadn’t asked to visit. In a way, the first non-solicited comment is someone saying, “Hey, blogger, welcome.” I always get a kick out of new comments because it means people are reading what I’m writing and either enjoying it or hating it, but to a degree that they want to post, and it’s like “YAY! Dance of joy!”

So you can imagine how upset I get when I check the newly posted comments and its from some twerp advocating “Payday Loans.” It’s very frustrating. And it’s also upsetting to know that I know have to take steps as so many other blogs have, to protect this site against those loathsome beasts.

I. Want. To. Chop. Off. Their. Penises. And. Feed. It. To. Them.

I have a lot of built up anger over this.

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