Northern Exposure

My sister teaches middle school in Hawaii. I hate her. She tells me, “Yeah, it sucks because the nearest bar is an hour away, so my friends and I just go to the liquor store then walk down to the beach and get drunk.” As for me, I can’t even remember the last time I set foot in a bar.*

Before she decided on taking the job in Hawaii (she’s been in Oahu less than a year and is already considering a move to Oregon), she considered an offer from Alaska. She turned the job down because she would have had to take a tiny little prop-airplane way up north, then take a sleigh ride for a few hours to get to wherever it was she was supposed to teach.

Well, that and Hawaii is warm, and Alaska is all “brrrr” and “snow” and stuff. Even my cousin Maggie (the turkey killing cousin), who would never want to live in a “non cold” state, probably wouldn’t want to move to Alaska. And who would, except for crazy people?

So, speaking of crazy people living in Alaska, you should all visit Chepooka’s blog. She’s a crazy people who lives in Alaska, and whose blog is usually all “red” and “black” and “Oooooh, I’m crazy Alaskan girl and I can’t be cheery because, look, I spend ten hours a day shoveling snow, and I’m a crazy liberal woman!**” But for some reason she’s going for the whole cheery thing this holiday season, when the rest of us are running each other over with shopping carts at the Walmart. So, like I said, crazy people!

But worth checking out. Because crazy people = more fun than non-crazy people.

*note to my friends: take me to a bar and get me drunk, I’m starving for the social thing.

** although, really, aren’t *ALL* women crazy? I mean, hello, Ann Coulter?

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  1. LOL. You didn’t just put me in the same category as Ann Coulter, did you? I mean, I know we both have well … you know … hoo-hoos …

    but I’d like to point out that even THAT is still up for debate … have you seen her Adam’s apple and man hands? ;)

    I think she deserves her own special gender for the extra-extra crazy.