Pipkin, Mikulski, Sarbanes, O'Malley & BEARS, OH MY!!!!!

Some folks are speculating today that EJ Pipkin’s run for Barbara Mikulski’s seat was to gain name recognition for a run in two years against Paul Sarbanes.

Pipkin ran a good race – for a Republican. I don’t say this because I agreed with his message, in my opinion he hawked his support to ban gay marriage and his support for the 2nd ammendment above all else, I say this because he won 34% of the vote to Mikulski’s 65%. Something tells me Sarbanes will be fighting a tight race in ’06.

But in ’06 the name I’m looking for on the ballot is Martin O’Malley, mayor of Baltimore, reelected to a second term. Governor O’Malley? There we go.

Other interesting Senatorial news: Coors lost? I wasn’t expecting that. Daschle lost? Was sort of expecting that.

0 thoughts on “Pipkin, Mikulski, Sarbanes, O'Malley & BEARS, OH MY!!!!!

  1. Hah. No, he’s currently Baltimore’s mayor – just won a second term on Tuesday, actually.

    Of course, the real question – who will he face? There’s always a possibility that Bush & Co. will seek to replace Cheney with a more electable individual before the midterm elections, and as a Republican who was able to win a Democratic stronghold, I’d be surprised if Ehrlich’s name wasn’t on a short list somwhere.