Please, NO!

From Ain’t-It-Cool-News (NOT IN THIS CASE!)

Brett Leonard, the Australian-based director who allegedly made MAN-THING (how can any of us verify that if the film is never released?) will next be turning his considerable and debatable talent to HIGHLANDER 5, in which it turns out that the entire population of the world is a Highlander except for one man. The tagline? “There Can’t Be Only One”.

Brett Leonard promises to ignore the crap continuity in HIGHLANDER 2, and will reveal the Highlanders to be the result of a futuristic genetic experiment gone wrong and sent back in time to kill the woman who will give birth to the scientist who made them.

Man this pisses me off. Why do we have to know why immortals exist? Isn’t enough to say, “There are these guys and gals who live forever unless you cut off their heads and the last living immortal gains all the knowledge of all the immortals who ever lived.”

Do we really need to know WHY they’re around? Maybe they’re some sort of “release valve” to protect the earth. Who knows, who cares. The crap in Highlander II – expelled prisoners – was bad enough. But now they’re time-traveling mutants?

Oh, come on! Boo! Boo!