Quick Tide Over

Because I just got in after a seven plus hour drive, and I’m tired and wanting a nap, I’m just going to recycle this post from an e-mail I sent out yesterday, if you’ve already read it, it gets funnier, and if you haven’t, trust me – it’s funny:

You have to understand that I have a certain reputation for running my car over defenseless woodland animals. In my old Jeep, I could have painted half a dozen deer on the side, if I’d chosen, sort of like how fighter pilots in WWII (and other conflicts, I imagine) would paint the flags of their downed opponents onto the side of their planes. Some friends teased that on this trip to Connecticut to celebrate Thanksgiving with my extended family, the deer population of New England would be severely impacted. So there’s a certain bitter irony in what DID get run over. Wednesday afternoon, my cousin Maggie & I went out to get some beer for Thanksgiving (well, I went to get the beer, but she knew where all the liquor shops were). On our way back to the house, what did she hit? Not a deer, not a squirrel … she annihilated a *turkey* which leaped out of a yard onto the road, flapping its wing wildly. It actually gained some air, until it rather unceremoniously bounced off the windshield.

Maggie later told me she felt so guilty that she’d killed the bird, which was undoubtedly preparing to celebrate avoiding getting killed and cooked for the holiday. That’s one toikeys plans dashed.

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