Two More Years


This is USA Today’s map of Election 2004 by county. I bought a copy of the paper today. I took out the map and pinned it up on the wall of my computer room. And there it will stay, until the next election.

Or until I move.

Two more years. Two years to retake the House and the Senate. Time is wasting, folks.

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  1. I guess this means I’ll be seeing more of those stupid “Bush Country” shirts that Limbaugh was hawking after the 2000 election.

    As much as I’d like the House and Senate to shift back to the center (either by party-switching or knocking out the social conservatives), I think 2006 may be an unrealistic goal for accomplishing this. I’m not saying to give up on it, but it is an uphill battle.

    The Democratic Party is having problems getting its message out. I blame the party leadership for that; they’ve had four years since Gore lost to get their act together, and the past years have given them what should have been deadly ammunition against Bush. I don’t think they used the media or their advocacy groups to effectively get out their message (well, the message other than Kerry’s not Bush). Two years may be too short a time for the party leadership (whether it be the current one or a new one) to get the message crafted and out to the masses. 2008 might be a better goal, particularly if they can find a great candidate for the presidency.

  2. Chris,

    You’re quite possibly right about ’06 being an unrealistic goal. But let’s not wait until ’06 to start fighting for those midterm elections.

  3. That map is kind of misleading. All it really says is that Democratic voters live in more urban areas than Republican voters.

  4. Diane, I think that the map being misleading was the point when those “Bush Country” shirts first came (and, speaking of the devil, saw one of them today). The flaw behind using that map is that it implies land area elects the president instead of the population. I like to couple it with this map: Puts into perspective that about the area Bush won has a population density of under 20 people per square mile.

    Jeff, I’m not at all implying that the Democrats wait until 2006 to start worrying about the midterm elections, nor am I saying they should forget about the midterms all together. Both would be foolish. I think the Democrats need to start planning for both right now but put a lot of emphasis into 2008. Find the right candidates, groom them, prep them, and then support them.

    The Democratic Party is in a bit of tight spot, and it won’t be easy reforming itself in a hostile political landscape with a lazy, irresponsible, and sensationalistic media. However, there are some causes for optimism. If things get really fouled up (heaven forbid), the Republicans have no one to blame but themselves. Apparently there are three or four non-New England Democratic governors in traditionally Republican states that could have a shot at federal office. And, hell, John Kerry had a strong showing at the polls even though he’s been branded the most liberal senator in Washington.

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