uneventful day

My alarm went off at 8:30 promptly, and I wobbled my way to the shower. I brushed my teeth, dressed, and was out the door a little before 9 o’clock. Got to Goodyear a tad late, and spent 45 minutes waiting for my car back. Turns out Ted thought I was just dropping it off, or he’d’ve had it ready sooner.

I got down to Jiffy Lube a little before 10, and was gone from there by 10:30. Hooray! I breezed through a haircut and then to Borders, getting a nice Rand McNally atlas for $10. Actually, I still had $4 or so on my gift-card from last year, so it wound up being $6. Even BETTER!

I made two attempts to get to Beltway Liquors off Joppa Road. The first time … well, it was just too crowded. I couldn’t even get into the parking lot. I swung by Record & Tape Traders and bought a copy of the Special Edition of Casablanca for $16. Someone had mismarked it (hooray!) but they honored the price. Most places have it for a cool $25/$30 bucks. After Record & Tape Traders, I hit Toys ‘R Us real quick and bought a couple of lego sets.

I tried Beltway Liquors for the second time and found a parking spot. Sadly, they didn’t have either Cider Jack, or the Fat Bastard wine I was going to bring as a Thanksgiving present. Eargh! Well, I only had one last stop to make – braving a supermarket in the days before Turkeyday. Waited for 20 minutes at the deli for ham and cheese, then spent about 10 in line waiting to check out.

Still, I got home a little after 1:30. I started some cleaning, and then felt tired so I curled up on the couch and took a nice – hour long! – catnap. Sort of ironic, because Guy (the older of my two cats) jumped on to the couch to play and I wound up holding him as I slept. He was not very happy about being held for an hour as I snored away.

When I woke up, I fired off an e-mail to Amazon asking, “WHERE THE HELL IS MY PACKAGE, BITCHES?” and now I’m off to … I don’t know. Some laundry, certainly, maybe fix dinner. I don’t cook (well, I do, if it’s Chef Boyardee), so I’ll have a ham and cheese sandwich. Toasted white bread with mayonaise, white american cheese, livingston farm smoked ham, and just a *dab* of jalapeano mustard. All this with a tall frosty glass of milk, and a side of cooler ranch doritos.

And Humphrey Bogart on the TV. “Here’s looking at you, kid.”