yes, i'm the moron

I was really in the mood to shoot some people last night, and my damn Battlefield: Vietnam game won’t load! Aaaaaiyeeeee! That was dissapointing.

I’m spending Thanksgiving in Connecticut with my family. My uncle and aunt and two cousins live about an hour southwest of Hartford. I’m driving up Tuesday, my parents can’t even leave until Thursday, and my mom said they plan to leave “at the crack of dawn.” Sounds like fun. I’m still debating on the route I’m going to take – I usually take 83 north into Pennsylvannia, then jump 81 to Scranton, then 84 through New York into Connecticut. But I think this trip I’m going to take 95 into Connecticut and come back (I return on “Black Friday”) the long way.

We’ll see.

I have a LONG list of things I have to get done before I leave. I have to get my tires rotated, I have to get 3,000 mile service done, I need cat litter & cat food, I need to try to make a dent in that huge pile of dirty laundry in the other room, I need to wash my car.

Maybe not so long.

I’m waiting for a package from Last week I ordered three books: “Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell” for my co-worker JMac who has no bank card or credit card or checking account, and who wants to book for a Christmas present for his soon-to-be Mrs. JMac; “I am Charlotte Simmons” by Tom Wolfe; and “The Final Solution: A Story of Detection.” Ah, but this is the package I ordered on the 12th. This package was shipped on the 15th, and since I had selected “Free Super Savings Shipping” it arrived, you guessed it, the very next day.

Well, I ordered another shipment on the 15th. This package shipped on the 16th. I ordered “Star Trek: The Original Series Season Two” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Seven.” But for some reason, this package did not ship from New Castle, DE. No … it shipped from Fernley NEVADA. What is ironic about this is that I did not select “Free Super Saving Shipping.” Nope, I actually paid for ground delivery. $3. And the package is STILL IN TRANSIT! Eaaaargh!

I suppose the moral is: don’t pay for shipping, you moron. And, yes, I’m the moron.

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