Just for shits & giggles, I logged in to eBay and did a search for “Darrell Abbott.” There are some items that were clearly posted several days ago. But there are items — a whole slew of posters, some other stuff, listed about eight hours ago.

One guy is trying to sell some guitar picks in two seperate auctions. Look at the comments:

On Friday February 12, 1999 @7:30pm cst. I attended the Black Sabbath,Pantera,Deaf Tones Concert in Dayton, OH. At the Ervin Nutter Center. As you can see in the pictures. My seat was front row center. The Bands were sweating on me…..Hahaha. Any way, during Panteras set. Dimbag (Darrell Abbott)was tossing out Guitar picks at random. I picked up several “not personally played with” picks off of the floor. (see my other auction for the used guitar pick)But as Dimebag was playing, I watched him toss the pick he was playing with. I picked it up and about cut myself. All the picks I picked so far were smooth and this one was “sharp”. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the pick had cut marks on it. This is your chance to get two (2), 1-Black and 1-White REAL “uncut” Guitar picks tossed to me from the late and great HEAVY METAL ROCKER – DIMEBAG -RIP- ******The weird looking color on the white pick is because of the light. Both picks are in MINT CONDITION*****

He can’t wait until the guy is six feet down?