A Symbolic Penis

Over at Right-Thinking From the Left Coast, regarding Bernard Kerik, Lee writes:

Cower in terror, you Islamist queers. Bernie’s about to stick a boot up your ass.

Odd bit of language, don’t you think, using queer there?

I consulted Dictionary.com. There’s a link – you can click it.

I think it is absolutely atrocious of Lee to equate the war on terrorism with homosexuality. I’m sure that some of his supporters will try to say, “Oh, he meant definition #3 – ‘Questionable Character.'” Well, I do agree that many if not all terrorists are ‘questionable characters’, it’s hard in this day and age not to equate the word ‘queer’ with its homosexual definitions.

Like, that popular tv show, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. And look at that site define the show: “…an elite team of gay men…

Like the word queer, not many people today associate the word gay with ‘bright and lively’, do they?

The strongest evidence, of course, that Lee meant ‘queer’ in the homosexual is his reference to Kerik’s boot assuming the symbolic being of a penis being inserted into another man’s anus. And if you say “would you be getting on his case if he hadn’t used the word ‘queer’?” The answer is: no, I wouldn’t be getting on his case at all.

One of the benefits of a free-society, and an open marketplace of ideas, is that you can see how the other side thinks. I don’t think Lee is going to start self-censoring himself to avoid pissing off me (I’m just a flea to his big dog, hardly worth the effort of a swat) — and I certainly hope the day never comes where either he or I have to censor ourselves to appease the almighty FCC or some other group — I hope he continues to write & show everyone how he really feels. I realize a large portion of the citizenry agree with him. But many disagree with him, and part of writing for the public involves taking the lumps for what you’ve written.

Well, Lee – here are your lumps:

It is digusting to see yet another American so happy to jump on the bandwagon of bashing the homosexual community in any way that they can. Well, it’s true as far as I can see, and as I wrote in the comments of your thread, “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised – you won the election, after all – no reason to hide the contempt you feel for Americans who don’t fit your mold.”