Abe Lincoln – Melungeon?

Well that sucked, and I had a long post on the Melungeons to go up, too. My cable went “zzzzzt” and I lost everything. Couldn’t even watch TV, that was zapped too. Went and read some more of Conrad Black’s FDR bio — a must read for any fans of the longest serving president in US history.

Who are the Melungians you ask? Possibly descendents of Portugeuse or Turkish sailors who arrived in North America centuries before the Pilgrims. They intermarried with Native American tribes, and later with blacks. They were encountered by Dutch explorers in the Appalachians in Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky in the 16th century. Hat tip to the History Channel’s “Weird US” (which does not seem to have a fuctioning website).

It’s always cool to learn something new.

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