Bass Ale, please

Once again, Cat M. over at “My Left Brain” demonstrates why she kicks ass:

As the movie “Inherit the Wind” and Alan Dershowitz’s book “Genesis of Justice” so aptly illustrate, it’s impossible to take every word in the Bible as the literal word of God because the Bible is highly contradictory. Further, Biblical translations are often at variance with the original texts. So how does one pick and choose which Bible verse is the accurate one between two conflicting verses?

Conservatives laugh and scoff at Islamic Jihadists’ belief that beautiful virgins await them in heaven if they die a martyr; yet they teach their children a beast with horns and hooves awaits them if they become active homosexuals. Are the two notions really so different?

In the Middle Ages, the Catholic church undermined opportunities for peasants to become educated or increase their financial status as an opportunity to maintain its grip on power. Meanwhile the behavior of higher-ups in the church was greatly at odds with what they preached to said peasants about moral values. You can again see the parallel between them and today’s self-ascribed moralists, like the thrice-divorced Newt Gingrich and drug addicted Rush Limbaugh or the Bush administration, which believes in torture and napalm.