Beer Snob

I’m a bit of a beer snob.

First, let me tell you about the first time I got drunk.

It was two or three days before my 21st birthday. I’d had a sip or two of beer before (er, in the months preceeding my b-day), but I’d never really acquired a taste for the stuff before. A couple guys from work took me out for a beer after that closing shift – I think it was a bar named “Michael’s” in the King’s Contrivance village center in Columbia.

I sat next to my co-worker Mike at the bar. He ordered a Bass Ale for himself. “What do you want?” the barkeep asked me. “What he’s having,” I said.

I drank a tall frost glass of Bass. And with Mike, Mike’s wife Dawn, and another co-worker, Adam, we went bar hopping. At a bar in Wilde Lake, I was handed a shooter — Mike and Adam assured me they were both doing shots, too. I found out later they had coke in their glasses. I threw that shot back – and WOW. A few minutes later, in the bathroom, I observed to Adam, “Is the floor supposed to move like that?”

Since then – six years ago – I’ve been a snob for dark, British beers. Bass, Harp, y’know. Anyway, tomorrow night I’m having some co-workers over to watch “Shaun of the Dead.” I decided to do a beer run since I want to be a good host. I bought some Corona, and some Harp, and I bought a six-pack of BudIce since I know some of the younger drinkers like that crap.

Well, tonight, I got home, reached in the fridge, grabbed a bottle, popped the cap and chugged.

Hmmm, I thought. That doesn’t taste like Bass …

BUD ICE? I’m drinking BUD ICE?

I don’t know what shocks me more. That I’m drinking Bud Ice … or that I actually like it.


0 thoughts on “Beer Snob

  1. Snay, as a fellow beer snob I have to say, that is really gross!

    I personally like dark European beers and light Asian beers. My favorite is probably Tsing-Tao, with Guiness and Sapporo coming in second.

    But BudIce?!?!? Dude! Wash your mouth out with wiskey!



  2. I tried Bud Ice. ONCE. Ewwww. Had to chase it with vodka to wash the taste out of my mouth!

    I’ve never been much of a beer drinker, although I’ve been known to drink Blue Moon on ocassion. I’m more of a vodka girl.

  3. If you are going to go with cheap beer you should not be drinking! ^_^

    I like a good beer on occasion, but I prefer Sake. Specifically にごりさけ (nigori sake for those of you without japanese installed). So, if you need to get me a gift, that is perfect. *hint hint*

    Tron, you are a Vodka girl also, if I recall… oops, I wasn’t supposed to bring that up. :P


  4. Well, like I said, I’m having people over tonight and a few of them are either new to drinking (and like the cheap crap), or are rednecks. So I bought some BudIce to tide them over.

    I also bought 1/2 a case of Bass, and 1/2 a case of Corona.