Bourne is Lost

The Bourne Supremacy doesn’t live up to the first film, especially so during the car chases. Also: why does the female love interest always get whacked in the first five minutes?

I also saw my first full episode of Lost. It’s probably the eighth episode in (or more), so kind of hard to judge, but lot’s of spooky stuff happening. And Charlie’s last minute resurrection? Cool. I really hope this show gets DVD treatment early next fall, and if you can figure out how to get your VCR to record (mine used to, then I moved, and it wouldn’t, and I haven’t set it back up since I moved into my current apartment), this is a show worth taking an interest in.

0 thoughts on “Bourne is Lost

  1. Well, if the female love interest did not get whacked, then they’d spend the entire movie like rabbits on viagra and the bad guys would get away.