Dan Brown – SUED!

Well, “not only does Mr. Brown write like a seven year old“, now he’s more than that – he’s an alledged plagiarist, too:

A New Zealand author is embroiled in a plagiarism row over Dan Brown’s blockbuster hit, the religious thriller The Da Vinci Code, and has launched legal action against the novel’s publishers.

Nelson-born Michael Baigent and American writing partner Richard Leigh are suing Random House Group in Britain, claiming damages that could run to millions of dollars.

But Baigent and Leigh, whose own 1982 work Holy Blood, Holy Grail caused such religious outrage when it was published that it sparked death threats, say Brown has lifted large tracts of their research without permission.

Their lawsuit claims at least £150,000 damages for breach of copyright, saying a “substantial” amount of their work has been used and asking that copies of The Da Vinci Code be destroyed.

Hat Tip: Bitter Girl.