Did Bush & Diebold Steal the Election?

Don’t read this article over at Rick’s unless you want to be really upset.

So how did professionals get it wrong in states critical to Bush? How did Bush go from losing Iowa with only 48.4% (predicted) to winning by 50.1% (tallied)? How did he shift from a loss at 47.9% in Nevada to a win at 50.5%? A New Mexico loss at 47.5% to a New Mexico win at 50.0%? An Ohio loss of 47.9% to an Ohio win at 51.0%? How did the differences between exit polls and final vote counts in eleven battleground states range from 0% difference (only in Wisconsin) to as far off as 9.5%? How did George Bush go from losing the 2004 President election by 289 to 249 electoral votes in favor of Kerry to winning the election by 286 electoral votes to 252 in favor of Bush?

Chances are, the exit polls didn’t get it wrong. Given the track record of exit polls, it’s more likely the election was stolen by re-tabulating electronic votes in Republican-owned Diebold’s voting machines.

Were it not for this fraud, Kerry, not Bush, would be preparing for his inauguration. Kerry, not Bush, would be appointing the next several Supreme Court Justices. Kerry, not Bush, would be President. (And we wouldn’t be seeing international anti-U.S. sentiment in European countries starting to spill over towards the American people — historically, any distaste for America has typically been directed at our government, while American people were generally appreciated.)

If this had happened in, oh, say the Ukraine, no one would doubt that the election was fraudulent. They might even decide to hold the election over again!

The next time you see some right-wing site whining about how liberals ALWAYS steal the election (like they were doing over the “Best of Blogs” a week ago), just roll your eyes and try not to hurt anyone.