Double Anchovy?

I have been fortunate in my life to never recieve a speeding ticket. Since I’ve gotten my license (’95? Has it been that long?) I’ve been pulled over about ten times — speeding has usually been a factor. I’ve been given written warnings, citations for failing to have my registration, or for having a headlight out.

I’ve even been pulled over twice while working my pizza-slingin’ job. Both times I got a pass on tickets, I suspect, because the officers didn’t want to endanger my ability to make a living, thus forcing me into a life of crime. In general I believe I get out of speeding tickets because I’m honest about what I was doing wrong and am polite. I don’t think police are used to walking up to a car, saying, “Do you know how fast you were going?” and have the driver say, “I think about seventy” (in a 35).

So I was kind of shocked to read this article. If I were in the same position as that pizza driver, I’d do the same thing — even if I had to pay out of pocket for a few pizzas to my boss, it would still be cheaper than the cost of the ticket and the resulting insurance increase from the points on my license.

Towson, who was assigned to the traffic division, was placed on restricted duty in July after a pizza driver told internal affairs investigators that Towson offered to not write her a ticket if she would take pizzas to a certain address, Pridgen said.

His career for a pizza. Think it was worth it?