Expensive Brick

I got home at about 8:10pm…and decided to open the box and install the monitor. I was very anxious see what had cost me so much money. When I opened the box up, to my surprise, I found that the box contained instead of containing the expensive 21.3″ flat monitor, it contained a brick taped to a piece of wood. (see picture: http://www.eguate.com/misc/Monitor2.jpg) I was of course shocked and immediately started to panic; thus, I put the item back into the box. I went back to Best Buy as fast as I could and got there at about 8:30 and told the person at the entrance of what had happened. At this point, Best Buy also looked confused. I asked some of Best Buy’s employees who were around if this had happened before; some of them confirmed that they had seen it happened before—with VCRs.

Read the full story here, and you can contact the victim in the case here.

All I know is if it could happen with a VCR, it could happen with a monitor. And my trust in the staff of Best Buy, or any retail giant, doesn’t extend very far.

Just to be on the same side — and especially with the Christmas shopping rush swamping a lot of these retail giants — take Silverslinksam’s advice from the thread, if you “buy an expensive item at Best Buy, I always open it at the security counter where they check your reciepts before I leave the store.”

You don’t want to pay fourteen hundred dollars for a brick.