Fat Bastard Pt. Deux

Yesterday, I wrote, “We don’t have time to be going after opposing pundits — if we do, the FCC will catch us blindsided and by the time we recover (if we ever do), it will be all over.

Let us indeed say, in one voice, ‘FUCK YOU GUYS, we’re better than you, always HAVE BEEN, always WILL BE.'”

Froth Slosh B’Goth reminds me, “ahh, but it’s not about getting The Felonious Pill-Popper in trouble. It’s about putting the FCC on the spot. They either apply the standards fairly, or they apply them not at all. If they choose to apply them when the theocrats complain about Desperate Housewives, but not apply them agains Limbaugh, then they proove they are a partisan taxpayer financed regulatory arm.”

And Simian Brain points out, “I’m a liberal. Do you know how very little it troubles me that Rush Limbaugh said “dick”? But conservatives literally lose their minds when things like this happen, so I’m waiting for the Congressional hearings, the “chilling effect” on punditry, talk of Rush going to satellite radio, etc…
But where are all those unhappy Christians who are constantly victimized by their own culture, calling for fingers to be chopped off of Rush’s hand as punishment for cursing?

Either they have convincing points or I’m easily convinced. Either way, I sent off my FCC complaint and today recieved a reply:

From : FCCInfo
Reply-To : FCCInfo
Sent : Friday, December 17, 2004 10:03 AM
To : malsnay@hotmail.com
Subject : PROBLEM00913709 – Complaint

You are receiving this email in response to your inquiry to the FCC.

Thank you for your e-mail. Your views and comments are important to us and we appreciate you taking the time to forward them.

We invite you to visit us at our Web Site located at www.fcc.gov/cgb
where you will find a wealth of information on a wide variety of
communications-related topics.

Rep Number: TSR09